Muratti Agriculture Products

Our site, which we started under the brand of Muratti in 2020, we deliver many different products in the agricultural sector, both wholesale and retail, under the golden Muratti brand.

Murat Tarım, we established the website in 2007 in order to transfer more of the knowledge and experience we have gained in the agricultural sector since 2003 to our valued customers with an understanding of honest service. We have made it our duty to deliver the best quality products to our people at the most affordable prices. With thousands of products and many brands, we work with our strength to be your industry pioneer and your personal supplier. We aim for leadership in our field by making continuous improvements and updates in line with customer demands and needs.


MRT OİL Motor Oils

MRT OİL today offers many different oil options in automotive and industrial oils, automotive and industrial oils in our country and in various countries of the world, as well as developing its products from the past and continuously developing its products, providing fluent and innovative solutions to the companies in the sector it serves, and at the same time to use it in an appropriate and economical way. It raises awareness and directs the sector members.

Online Shop

In 2007, we established the website. We are committed to delivering the best quality products to our people at the most affordable prices.

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